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Excuse me while I try to find another meaning to life.

Jul. 3rd, 2012

Title: My Love and I Do Stand
Pairing: Edmure Tully/Roslin Frey
Rating: G
SummaryHer daughter is born and Roslin is summoned to Casterly Rock. There she must face a man who must surely despise her, her husband.

Sequel to Things Fall Apart: http://mslane19.livejournal.com/3504.html#cutid1

"In a field by the river my love and I did stand,"Collapse )
Title: Please don't stop loving me
Fandom:  Asoiaf/GoT
Pairing: Ned/Ashara
Rating: PG
Summary: Modern!AU, First love isn't always a fairytale, sometimes it's a greek tragedy.

This is what happens when I write fic while listening to country music.

Read more...Collapse )

Fic: Things Fall Apart (A Roslin Frey fic)

Title: Things Fall Apart
Fandom: asoiaf/game of thrones
Disclaimer:I do not own!!! It all belongs to GRRM!
Warning: SPOILERS!!! If you haven't read Storm of Swords, don't read this!
Rating: Ummmmm...PG? I don't write graphically so...
Summary: All Roslin Frey ever wanted in life was for someone to take her away from the Twins. But not all dreams come true, sometimes they fall apart.

When Roslin Frey was born....Collapse ) 

I am under a lot of stress in school. There are a few things that help me cope with said stress:
       1) Writing(griping) about said stress online so that random people can read about it and comment
       2) Reading fanfiction and commenting on it
       3)reading other peoples random posts and commenting on them
So I am de-lurking to comment.
I get it. You don't care. If you do, comment to be friended  :)